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        Analysis of the problem of difficult soldering during

        issuing time :2020-09-03

        Circuit board production is a complicated process. As the mother board of the product, it always bears more or less risks and responsibilities. Especially in the welding process of the circuit board, it is a process to test whether the contact between the mother board and the components is intact. If you do not pay attention, it will cause the entire product to work poorly or even fail to work.

        ? ? ? The circuit board should be dust-free during the production process, especially during exposure, etching, subsequent tin spraying, immersion gold, testing, and packaging. It must be dust-free to avoid debris on the solder paste or pads. , Affect welding. Our company will especially strengthen these processes to ensure zero complaints and feedback as the ultimate goal. During the inspection process, the manual should pay attention to ensure that there is no sweat on the hands, and try to operate with gloves, including the patch assembler before assembling the solder paste, and clean the pad before soldering as much as possible. If the pad is very precise, The requirements are particularly strict. As for the immersion gold circuit board, pay special attention to oxidation by the outside air and perspiration. The immersion gold circuit board is more susceptible to oxidation. Soldering manufacturers and customers should try their best to ensure that the factory packaging of the circuit board manufacturer is complete before preparing the patch. Remove the vacuum packaging, otherwise the patch will cause difficulties after oxidation.

        ? ? ? The tin-sprayed circuit board should pay attention to ensure the tin surface is clean and tidy, especially to ensure that the tin surface is flat. There will be water stains on the tin surface, which is caused by the tin surface being clean and should be reworked. The tin surface unevenness should be caused by improper operation during the tin spraying process and should be adjusted in time. SMT chip manufacturers should pay attention to cleaning the tin surface as much as possible before soldering. The precision pad should ensure that the tin is full during soldering, and soldering flux should be added if possible. Generally, environmentally friendly products are now required, so they are all lead-free tin at the factory. Lead-free circuit boards will cause soldering difficulties. When soldering, you can add appropriate flux to help the circuit board pads eat tin saturation.

        ? ? ? If the immersion gold circuit board is found to be slightly oxidized before soldering, it should be wiped with alcohol and then soldered with flux. Generally, it will not cause too much problem.

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